Research Papers

The Research Track will take place in the HeinzNixdorf MuseumsForum HNF (see map).

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Evolution and Maintenance (Research Papers)
11:00 – 12:30, Auditorium
Program Analysis I (Research Papers)
11:00 – 12:30, S1+2
Machine Learning (Research Papers)
11:00 – 12:30, S3
Towards Prioritizing Documentation Effort
Paul W. McBurney, Siyuan Jiang, Marouane Kessentini, Nicholas A. Kraft, Ameer Armaly, Wiem Mkaouer, and Collin McMillan
(University of Pennsylvania, USA; University of Notre Dame, USA; University of Michigan, USA; ABB Corporate Research, USA)
Loopster: Static Loop Termination Analysis
Xiaofei Xie, Bihuan Chen, Liang Zou, Shang-Wei Lin, Yang Liu, and Xiaohong Li
(Tianjin University, China; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Easy over Hard: A Case Study on Deep Learning
(North Carolina State University, USA)
A Fast Causal Profiler for Task Parallel Programs
Adarsh Yoga and Santosh Nagarakatte
(Rutgers University, USA)
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Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos, Eric Lahtinen, Anthony Eden, Fan Long, and Martin Rinard
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Finding Near-Optimal Configurations in Product Lines by Random Sampling
Jeho Oh, Don Batory, Margaret Myers, and Norbert Siegmund
(University of Texas at Austin, USA; Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany)
On the Scalability of Linux Kernel Maintainers' Work
Minghui Zhou, Qingying Chen, Audris Mockus, and Fengguang Wu
(Peking University, China; University of Tennessee, USA; Intel, China)
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AutoSense: A Framework for Automated Sensitivity Analysis of Program Data
Bernard Nongpoh, Rajarshi Ray, Saikat Dutta, and Ansuman Banerjee
(NIT Meghalaya, India; Jadavpur University, India; Indian Statistical Institute, India)
Automatic Software Refactoring via Weighted Clustering in Method-level Networks
Ying Wang, Hai Yu, Zhi-Liang Zhu, Wei Zhang, and Yu-Li Zhao
(Northeastern University, China)
Preprint Video
Modeling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
The Power of "Why" and "Why Not": Enriching Scenario Exploration with Provenance
Tim Nelson, Natasha Danas, Daniel J. Dougherty, and Shriram Krishnamurthi
(Brown University, USA; Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)
Best-Paper Award
Info Artifacts Reusable
Revisiting Unsupervised Learning for Defect Prediction
(North Carolina State University, USA)

Human Aspects (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, Auditorium
Process (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, S1+2
Handling Failures (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, S3
Where Is the Bug and How Is It Fixed? An Experiment with Practitioners
(National University of Singapore, Singapore; Saarland University, Germany; Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore; SAP, Germany)
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Why Modern Open Source Projects Fail
(Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Bayesian Specification Learning for Finding API Usage Errors
Vijayaraghavan Murali, Swarat Chaudhuri, and Chris Jermaine
(Rice University, USA)
Understanding Misunderstandings in Source Code
Dan Gopstein, Jake Iannacone, Yu Yan, Lois DeLong, Yanyan Zhuang, Martin K.-C. Yeh, and Justin Cappos
(New York University, USA; Pennsylvania State University, USA; University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA)
Best-Paper Award
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Predicting Delivery Capability in Iterative Software Development
Morakot Choetkiertikul, Hoa Khanh Dam, Truyen Tran, Aditya Ghose, and John Grundy
(University of Wollongong, Australia; Deakin University, Australia)
Are delayed issues harder to resolve? Revisiting cost-to-fix of defects throughout the lifecycle
Tim Menzies, William Nichols, Forrest Shull, and Lucas Layman
(North Carolina State University, USA; Software Engineering Institute, USA; Fraunhofer CESE, USA)
Measuring Neural Efficiency of Program Comprehension
Janet Siegmund, Norman Peitek, Chris Parnin, Sven Apel, Johannes Hofmeister, Christian Kästner, Andrew Begel, Anja Bethmann, and André Brechmann
(University of Passau, Germany; Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Germany; North Carolina State University, USA; Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Microsoft Research, USA)
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Identifying self-admitted technical debt in open source projects using texting mining
Qiao Huang, Emad Shihab, Xin Xia, David Lo, and Shanping Li
(Zhejiang University, China; Concordia University, Canada; University of British Columbia, Canada; Singapore Management University, Singapore)
Synergistic Debug-Repair of Heap Manipulations
Sahil Verma and Subhajit Roy
(IIT Kanpur, India)
The Work Life of Developers: Activities, Switches and Perceived Productivity
(University of Zurich, Switzerland; University of British Columbia, Canada; Microsoft Research, USA)
Trade-Offs in Continuous Integration: Assurance, Security, and Flexibility
(Oregon State University, USA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Best-Paper Award
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Failure-Directed Program Trimming
(University of Texas at Austin, USA; University of Kent, UK)

Testing Mobile Apps (Research Papers)
16:00 – 17:30, Auditorium
Variability Analysis (Research Papers)
16:00 – 17:30, S1+2
Concurrency (Research Papers)
16:00 – 17:30, S3
µDroid: An Energy-Aware Mutation Testing Framework for Android
(University of California at Irvine, USA)
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Using Bad Learners to Find Good Configurations
(North Carolina State University, USA; Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany; University of Passau, Germany)
Adaptively Generating High Quality Fixes for Atomicity Violations
Yan Cai, Lingwei Cao, and Jing Zhao
(Institute of Software at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; University at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Harbin Engineering University, China)
PATDroid: Permission-Aware GUI Testing of Android
(University of California at Irvine, USA)
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Attributed Variability Models: Outside the Comfort Zone
(Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany; WU Vienna, Austria; University of Passau, Germany)
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AtexRace: Across Thread and Execution Sampling for In-House Race Detection
(Western Michigan University, USA; Institute of Software at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Enabling Mutation Testing for Android Apps
(Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; University of Lugano, Switzerland; College of William and Mary, USA; University of Sannio, Italy)
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Kmax: Finding All Configurations of Kbuild Makefiles Statically
(Yale University, USA)
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Symbolic Execution of Programmable Logic Controller Code
Shengjian Guo, Meng Wu, and Chao Wang
(Virginia Tech, USA; University of Southern California, USA)
Guided, Stochastic Model-Based GUI Testing of Android Apps
Ting Su, Guozhu Meng, Yuting Chen, Ke Wu, Weiming Yang, Yao Yao, Geguang Pu, Yang Liu, and Zhendong Su
(East China Normal University, China; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; University of California at Davis, USA)
Is There a Mismatch between Real-World Feature Models and Product-Line Research?
Alexander Knüppel, Thomas Thüm, Stephan Mennicke, Jens Meinicke, and Ina Schaefer
(TU Braunschweig, Germany; University of Magdeburg, Germany)
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Thread-Modular Static Analysis for Relaxed Memory Models
Markus Kusano and Chao Wang
(Virginia Tech, USA; University of Southern California, USA)

Thursday, September 7, 2017
Reactive Systems and Control Theory (Research Papers)
10:30 – 12:00, Auditorium
Empirical Studies (Research Papers)
10:30 – 12:00, S1+2
Modeling (Research Papers)
10:30 – 12:00, S3
ARTINALI: Dynamic Invariant Detection for Cyber-Physical System Security
Maryam Raiyat Aliabadi, Amita Ajith Kamath, Julien Gascon-Samson, and Karthik Pattabiraman
(University of British Columbia, Canada; National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India)
Why Do Developers Use Trivial Packages? An Empirical Case Study on npm
(Concordia University, Canada)
Continuous Variable-Specific Resolutions of Feature Interactions
M. Hadi Zibaeenejad, Chi Zhang, and Joanne M. Atlee
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
A Symbolic Justice Violations Transition System for Unrealizable GR(1) Specifications
(Tel Aviv University, Israel)
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On the pragmatic design of literature studies in software engineering: an experience-based guideline
Marco Kuhrmann, Daniel Méndez Fernández, and Maya Daneva
(University of Southern Denmark, Denmark; TU Munich, Germany; University of Twente, Netherlands)
Model Transformation Modularization as a Many-Objective Optimization Problem
Martin Fleck, Javier Troya, Marouane Kessentini, Manuel Wimmer, and Bader Alkhazi
(Vienna University of Technology, Austria; University of Seville, Spain; University of Michigan, USA)
Control-Theoretical Software Adaptation: A Systematic Literature Review
Stepan Shevtsov, Mihaly Berekmeri, Danny Weyns, and Martina Maggio
(Linnaeus University, Sweden; Grenoble INP, France; KU Leuven, Belgium; Lund University, Sweden)
Detecting Missing Information in Bug Descriptions
Oscar Chaparro, Jing Lu, Fiorella Zampetti, Laura Moreno, Massimiliano Di Penta, Andrian Marcus, Gabriele Bavota, and Vincent Ng
(University of Texas at Dallas, USA; University of Sannio, Italy; Colorado State University, USA; University of Lugano, Switzerland)
A Templating System to Generate Provenance
Luc Moreau, Belfrit Victor Batlajery, Trung Dong Huynh, Danius Michaelides, and Heather Packer
(University of Southampton, UK)
Preprint Info
Automated Control of Multiple Software Goals using Multiple Actuators
(Lund University, Sweden; Mälardalen University, Sweden; Imperial College London, UK; University of Chicago, USA)
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An empirical study of unspecified dependencies in make-based build systems
Cor-Paul Bezemer, Shane McIntosh, Bram Adams, Daniel M. German, and Ahmed E. Hassan
(Queen's University, Canada; McGill University, Canada; Polytechnique Montréal, Canada; University of Victoria, Canada)
Model-Level, Platform-Independent Debugging in the Context of the Model-Driven Development of Real-Time Systems
(Queen's University, Canada)
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Distributed Systems (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, Auditorium
Testing I (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, S1+2
Refactoring (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, S3
Cooperative Kernels: GPU Multitasking for Blocking Algorithms
Tyler Sorensen, Hugues Evrard, and Alastair F. Donaldson
(Imperial College London, UK)
Best-Paper Award
Craig vs. Newton in Software Model Checking
Daniel Dietsch, Matthias Heizmann, Betim Musa, Alexander Nutz, and Andreas Podelski
(University of Freiburg, Germany)
Understanding the Impact of Refactoring on Smells: A Longitudinal Study of 23 Software Projects
Diego Cedrim, Alessandro Garcia, Melina Mongiovi, Rohit Gheyi, Leonardo Sousa, Rafael de Mello, Baldoino Fonseca, Márcio Ribeiro, and Alexander Chávez
(PUC-Rio, Brazil; Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil; Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil)
A Qualitative Study of Application-level Caching
(Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; TU Dortmund, Germany)
Preprint Info
Fairness Testing: Testing Software for Discrimination
Sainyam Galhotra, Yuriy Brun, and Alexandra Meliou
(University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)
Best-Paper Award
Preprint Info
Detecting overly strong preconditions in refactoring engines
Melina Mongiovi, Rohit Gheyi, Gustavo Soares, Márcio Ribeiro, Paulo Borba, and Leopoldo Teixeira
(Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil; Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil; Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
Toward Full Elasticity in Distributed Static Analysis: The Case of Callgraph Analysis
(University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Imperial College London, UK)
The Care and Feeding of Wild-Caught Mutants
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
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Cimplifier: Automatically Debloating Containers
Vaibhav Rastogi, Drew Davidson, Lorenzo De Carli, Somesh Jha, and Patrick McDaniel
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; Tala Security, USA; Colorado State University, USA; Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Probabilistic Model Checking of Perturbed MDPs with Applications to Cloud Computing
(National University of Singapore, Singapore; University of Wollongong, Australia)
QTEP: Quality-Aware Test Case Prioritization
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
Preprint Info
Identifying Extract Method Refactoring Opportunities based on Functional Relevance
Sofia Charalampidou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, Antonios Gkortzis, and Paris Avgeriou
(University of Groningen, Netherlands; University of Macedonia, Greece)

Program Analysis II (Research Papers)
16:00 – 17:30, Auditorium
Specification Mining and Synthesis (Research Papers)
16:00 – 17:30, S1+2
Requirements (Research Papers)
16:00 – 17:30, S3
Constraint Normalization and Parameterized Caching for Quantitative Program Analysis
Tegan Brennan, Nestan Tsiskaridze, Nicolás Rosner, Abdulbaki Aydin, and Tevfik Bultan
(University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)
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NoFAQ: Synthesizing Command Repairs from Examples
Loris D'Antoni, Rishabh Singh, and Michael Vaughn
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; Microsoft Research, USA)
On Evidence Preservation Requirements for Forensic-Ready Systems
Dalal Alrajeh, Liliana Pasquale, and Bashar Nuseibeh
(Imperial College London, UK; University College Dublin, Ireland; Open University, UK; Lero, Ireland)
Generalized Observational Slicing for Tree-Represented Modelling Languages
Nicolas E. Gold, David Binkley, Mark Harman, Syed Islam, Jens Krinke, and Shin Yoo
(University College London, UK; Loyola University Maryland, USA; University of East London, UK; KAIST, South Korea)
S3: Syntax- and Semantic-Guided Repair Synthesis via Programming by Examples
(Singapore Management University, Singapore; IST Austria, Austria; Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
BDCI: Behavioral Driven Conflict Identification
(University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
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Implementing and Evaluating Candidate-Based Invariant Generation
Adam Betts, Nathan Chong, Pantazis Deligiannis, Alastair F. Donaldson, and Jeroen Ketema
(Imperial College London, UK)
Counterexample-Guided Approach to Finding Numerical Invariants
ThanhVu Nguyen, Timos Antonopoulos, Andrew Ruef, and Michael Hicks
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA; Yale University, USA; University of Maryland, USA)
Complete and Interpretable Conformance Checking of Business Processes
Luciano García-Bañuelos, Nick R. T. P. van Beest, Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, and Willem Mertens
(University of Tartu, Estonia; Data61 at CSIRO, Australia; Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Preprint Info
Discovering Relational Specifications
Calvin Smith, Gabriel Ferns, and Aws Albarghouthi
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Best-Paper Award

Friday, September 8, 2017
Software Security (Research Papers)
11:00 – 12:30, Auditorium
Mobile Applications (Research Papers)
11:00 – 12:30, S1+2
Crash Analysis (Research Papers)
11:00 – 12:30, S3
Steelix: Program-State Based Binary Fuzzing
Yuekang Li, Bihuan Chen, Mahinthan Chandramohan, Shang-Wei Lin, Yang Liu, and Alwen Tiu
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Fudan University, China)
Open innovation using open source tools: a case study at Sony Mobile
Hussan Munir, Johan Linåker, Krzysztof Wnuk, Per Runeson, and Björn Regnell
(Lund University, Sweden; Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)
DESCRY: Reproducing System-Level Concurrency Failures
Tingting Yu, Tarannum S. Zaman, and Chao Wang
(University of Kentucky, USA; University of Southern California, USA)
Do developers update their library dependencies? An empirical study on the impact of security advisories on library migration
Raula Gaikovina Kula, Daniel M. German, Ali Ouni, Takashi Ishio, and Katsuro Inoue
(Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan; Osaka University, Japan; University of Victoria, Canada; UAE University, United Arab Emirates)
Automatic Generation of Inter-Component Communication Exploits for Android Applications
(University of California at Irvine, USA)
Preprint Info
Reproducing Concurrency Failures from Crash Stacks
(University of Lugano, Switzerland)
CodeMatch: Obfuscation Won't Conceal Your Repackaged App
Leonid Glanz, Sven Amann, Michael Eichberg, Michael Reif, Ben Hermann, Johannes Lerch, and Mira Mezini
(TU Darmstadt, Germany)
Preprint Info
OASIS: Prioritizing Static Analysis Warnings for Android Apps Based on App User Reviews
(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)
Automatically Analyzing Groups of Crashes for Finding Correlations
Marco Castelluccio, Carlo Sansone, Luisa Verdoliva, and Giovanni Poggi
(Federico II University of Naples, Italy; Mozilla, UK)
A Compiler and Verifier for Page Access Oblivious Computation
Rohit Sinha, Sriram Rajamani, and Sanjit A. Seshia
(University of California at Berkeley, USA; Microsoft Research, India)
Recovering Clear, Natural Identifiers from Obfuscated JS Names
Bogdan Vasilescu, Casey Casalnuovo, and Premkumar Devanbu
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA; University of California at Davis, USA)
What do developers search for on the web?
Xin Xia, Lingfeng Bao, David Lo, Pavneet Singh Kochhar, Ahmed E. Hassan, and Zhenchang Xing
(Zhejiang University, China; University of British Columbia, Canada; Singapore Management University, Singapore; Queen's University, Canada; Australian National University, Australia)

Program Repair (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, Auditorium
Program Comprehension (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, S1+2
Testing II (Research Papers)
14:00 – 15:30, S3
Automatic Inference of Code Transforms for Patch Generation
Fan Long, Peter Amidon, and Martin Rinard
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; University of California at San Diego, USA)
Info Artifacts Functional
Are Deep Neural Networks the Best Choice for Modeling Source Code?
(University of California at Davis, USA)
Preprint Info
Regression Test Selection Across JVM Boundaries
(University of Texas at Austin, USA; Microsoft, USA)
A Feasibility Study of Using Automated Program Repair for Introductory Programming Assignments
(Innopolis University, Russia; IIT Kanpur, India; National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Preprint Info Artifacts Functional
Understanding the Impact of Support for Iteration on Code Search
(University of California at Irvine, USA)
Measuring the Cost of Regression Testing in Practice: A Study of Java Projects using Continuous Integration
Adriaan Labuschagne, Laura Inozemtseva, and Reid Holmes
(University of Waterloo, Canada; University of British Columbia, Canada)
Preprint Info
Automatic repair of real bugs in java: a large-scale experiment on the defects4j dataset
Matias Martinez, Thomas Durieux, Romain Sommerard, Jifeng Xuan, and Martin Monperrus
(University of Valenciennes, Fance; University of Lille, France; Inria, France; Wuhan University, China)
LAMP: Data Provenance for Graph Based Machine Learning Algorithms through Derivative Computation
Shiqing Ma, Yousra Aafer, Zhaogui Xu, Wen-Chuan Lee, Juan Zhai, Yingqi Liu, and Xiangyu Zhang
(Purdue University, USA; Nanjing University, China)
A Survey of Recent Trends in Testing Concurrent Software Systems
Francesco A. Bianchi, Alessandro Margara, and Mauro Pezzè
(University of Lugano, Switzerland)
Automatically Diagnosing and Repairing Error Handling Bugs in C
(University of Virginia, USA)
Best-Paper Award
More Accurate Recommendations for Method-Level Changes
Georg Dotzler, Marius Kamp, Patrick Kreutzer, and Michael Philippsen
(Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
Preprint Info
Better Test Cases for Better Automated Program Repair
Jinqiu Yang, Alexey Zhikhartsev, Yuefei Liu, and Lin Tan
(University of Waterloo, Canada)